At MBB, we guide clients through the complex and often confusing administrative procedures imposed by governmental regulatory agencies, such as the Texas Railroad Commission (“RRC”). We know that every prospect and project is unique and may require the use of regulatory tools to complete profitably and on time.

We often assist and advise clients on the following matters:

  • Mineral Interest Pool Act (“MIPA”) Applications

  • Drafting MIPA notice letters and Final Orders

  • Attending contested MIPA hearings

  • Working with expert witnesses for RRC Hearings

  • Filing and Obtaining Rule 37 spacing exceptions and Rule 38 density exceptions

  • Guidance on injection and disposal well applications

  • Applications for and interpretation of special field rules

  • Advising on effect of regulations to oil and gas leases and pooling agreements

Whether an issue arises before, during, or after operations have commenced, MBB endeavors to provide timely solutions for our clients so they can focus on their business goals. In the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory law, our team stays current on recent proposals and newly enacted regulations and guidelines, enabling us to accurately advise clients on the best courses of action. From filing an application for a permit under the Mineral Interest Pooling Act (“MIPA”) to negotiating an enforcement action, MBB is there to support our clients allowing them to worry less about compliance and more about achieving objectives.