Estate Planning Attorney San Antonio

Protect your family, your assets, and your legacy.

At MBB we understand that the decision of how to protect your family, your assets, and your legacy after you are gone is extremely important. We help craft all estate plans based on the unique facts and circumstances of your life. After all, every person’s life is unique, shouldn’t their Estate Plan be? No matter what stage of life you are in, a well thought out Estate Plan provides the peace of mind that your loved ones will be cared for:

Families: Your children are a priceless treasure that deserve care and protection. Estate Planning protects your young children by helping to determine care and guardianship if anything ever happens to you. Without a proper Estate Plan, a Court may be the only means to determine who will raise your family – and how your money will be used to care for them.

Business Owners: Have you planned for what your business will look like if you or a partner passes unexpectedly? Does your business have a succession plan that reflects the wishes of you, your family, and your business partners? From our experience, we know that the answers to these questions are very complex, nuanced, and should be addressed with experienced counsel to ensure that the hard work you do provides a benefit well into the future.

Avoid the Costs and Need for Probate: Sometimes the best Estate Plan is to not have your estate go through the time and costs related to probate. From the creation of simple or complex trusts, to transfer on death deeds, we can help you determine the best way to avoid probate – but still ensure your estate goes to the right beneficiaries.

Incapacity: In the event that you or a loved one become incapacitated, avoid the need for burdensome and time-consuming guardianship proceedings to handle your financial affairs by having a durable power of attorney. To be fully covered, a living will and medical power of attorney allows for you to choose a trusted individual to make medical and end of life decisions for you.

MBB provides Estate Planning services for both small and large estates. Our firm has experienced attorneys to ensure your estate is passed down to your loved ones, your favorite charities, or other beneficiaries without unnecessary judicial involvement and minimal tax consequences through wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and directives to physicians.

MBB can assist you by preparing the following documents individually, or as an estate planning package:

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Medical Power of Attorney

  • HIPPA Release

  • Directive to Physicians (Living Will)

  • Durable Power of Attorney

We can also help you establish a variety of trusts to honor your specific wishes, including:

  • Revocable Living Trusts

  • Irrevocable Trusts

  • Medicaid “Miller” Trusts

  • Special Needs Trusts

In the instance that Probate is necessary, our attorneys are well equipped to help you through various court proceedings, including:

  • Admitting Will to Probate under Dependent or Independent Administration

  • Admitting Will to Probate as a Muniment of Title

  • Obtaining an Order for the determination of heirship when someone dies without a Will