MBB offers real estate closing services and title insurance throughout the State of Texas. Because our licensed Escrow Officers are also experienced title attorneys, MBB is able to effectively and timely close all real estate transactions across the State of Texas.


MBB has partnered with great underwriters to provide Title Insurance coverage for all of our closings.  Because our Attorney-Escrow Officers are licensed with the Texas Department of Insurance and The Supreme Court of Texas, they are able to provide the escrow services Lenders and Agents expect, with the knowledge and experience of real estate attorneys.

As a full-service title company, MBB is able to quickly obtain title evidence to begin the process of verifying a piece of property’s ownership and any encumbrances. In addition, with a foundation in title examination, our title attorneys are able quickly review all concerns arising from a search of the title records and provide the seller, buyer or lender with solutions to shepherd the deal forward.

There are commonly two title insurance policies issued when real estate is sold in Texas – one for the Buyer and one for the Lender. A quality title company ensures that the resulting Title Insurance Policy safeguards the interest of the insured by verifying that title to the property conveyed is free of material defects, additional owners, or any other surprises that may encumber the land.

For every policy issued, MBB’s goals are that all parties are kept up-to-date with the status of their file, that the deal closes as expected, and that the resulting policies are clear of unneeded exceptions thereby granting the insured the maximum coverage available.


Our goal is to accurately coordinate and prepare all instruments required for a successful real estate closing. We proudly work with the parties and any lender to confirm that the Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 and all necessary documents are quickly drafted and balanced to the satisfaction of all. Further, with of our Title Attorneys considerable experience in Real Estate Law, MBB can intelligently discuss and draft customized instruments that fit the Buyer and Seller’s specific needs.

Our newly renovated office is always available for a clean, professional space to close a transaction; however, our closing agents are available to travel anywhere in Texas required to ensure a successful and timely closing. Whether your needs are seller-side, buyer-side, residential, or commercial, MBB Title will meet your title insurance and closing needs.

Contact our Title Insurance Team, directly at csanchez@mbb-legal.com or jhuman@mbb-legal.com or call our office at 210-824-2188, to begin the Title Insurance and Closing Process today.